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17 July 2023 | Eva Solo A/S

When designer Hans Thyge was creating the new Emendo range for Eva Solo, he found inspiration in the greatest designer of them all: Nature. He imagined a majestic tree proudly towering over the forest with its deep roots, powerful trunk and green crown. Just like the tree, which by nature peels away all the unnecessary, the development of the lamps became a quest to get to the core and eliminate the superfluous. In honour of the design process, the lights were named Emendo, which means "to improve" in Latin.

The Emendo range is a pure and uncompromising fusion of design and functionality. The lights are beautiful in their simplicity, easy to use and equipped with energy-saving LED technology. They even offer extra features; one of the lights is portable and cordless, while another has a built-in wireless mobile charger. With three brightness levels and a practical size, the lights can be used throughout the home. With its modern, minimalist look and beautiful, harmonious shape, Emendo is the perfect choice for those who want to complement Nordic décor and lifestyle.

Emendo is made of aluminium, plastic and steel. The lamps are available in the colours: Cloud, Emerald and Black.

The Emendo series includes three variants: a table lamp, a lamp with a built-in wireless QI charger for your mobile phone and a wireless, portable battery-powered lamp.

The table lamp can be used on the workbench, in the hallway or on the bookshelf - anywhere in the home where both functional and decorative light is needed. It is easily operated with a touch function on the base and the lamp is dimmable with three brightness levels. Dimensions: Height 39 cm, diameter 24 cm.
The lamp with the built-in wireless charger ensures that you always have easy and accessible mobile charging at your fingertips. This makes this lamp ideal for the bedside table and in the study or children's room. It is easily operated with the touch function on the pole and the lamp is dimmable with three brightness levels. Power supply is included. Dimensions: Height 29 cm, diameter 13 cm.
Let the cordless Emendo light up a dark corner in the living room, illuminate the sofa, provide reading light on the bedside table - or take the lamp out on the terrace and add a little extra glow to the evening. The lamp with energy-saving LED technology is dimmable to three brightness levels and shines at full brightness for up to 11 hours on just one charge. Easily operated with a touch function on the base of the lamp. Charges via a USB-C cable. Dimensions: Height 29 cm, diameter 13 cm.

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