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Viby J, Danmark

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Welcome to TRUE TASTE - Spices by E

We are passionate about developing spice blends that are completely matched in taste. They are completely free of additives and E numbers, it is only TRUE TASTE
We develop our recipes ourselves and have them produced in Denmark.

We are a couple of food geeks, who love to play with the flavors. Søren E has a long life with burgers behind him, where he loves to think outside the box and make new varieties.

Tanja is educated in the food industry and loves to cook with clean and good ingredients.

We started by making Søren E's secret herbal salt, it is used for Denmark's best fries & herbal mayo. From there it went fast and right now we are up to 5 variants and at Formland we presents 3 brand new variants.
Our spices are developed so that only one is needed for a dish, completely matched with salt and pepper.

We are very keen that the taste is spot on, so it takes a long time to develop the individual flavors.

We care a lot about quality all the way around the product and therefore our labels are made of 40% grass and we use glass, both because they can be recycled and because this is the way the spices can get the long shelf life of 3 years.

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Tanja True


Tanja True

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Søren E

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