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Mette Ditmer Denmark ApS

There is something soothing in sharing memorable moments around the table with the people you love. Surrounding yourself with long lasting design and quality tableware will make every dining experience truly one-of-a-kind, whether it is a quick snack, a well-prepared dinner or a cosy cup of coffee.

SAND GRAIN is a tableware series meticulously handcrafted by Mette Ditmer and inspired by traditional craftmanship techniques and embraces imperfection as an art.

The raw surface leads the thoughts to ceramic in its original shape and the grainy surface on the outside invites to tactile exploration. The inside of each piece is adorned with crystal glaze, which undergoes a transformative process due to the high temperature when burning the tableware. As a result, charming freckles emerge and adds to the uniqueness of each item.

The series is made of stoneware and has soft, organic shapes, which creates a personal and artistic look. The combination of the two different glazes mutually complements and highlight one another and makes every item unique with a handcrafted expression.

The tableware is available in two different glazes, which look beautiful on their own or in combination with each other, allowing the user to create their own personal style.

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Mette Ditmer Denmark ApS

Our unique creations date back to 1995, when designer Mette Ditmer began to realise her passion for textiles created on the principles of authenticity, eminent quality, well-being and attention to detail. Since then, the Mette Ditmer universe has expanded to include products for the entire home, whose characteristics are based on the same strong values. Through our products, we want to inspire a tactile, Scandinavian and stylish interior design in homes all over the world - and with a little twist of something unexpected. Our holistic approach to interior design means that the entire home can

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