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This painting measures 150 x 200 cm and holds a deeply personal significance. It was created during the filming of a documentary focusing on my period dealing with anxiety. Expressing this was challenging until I had a paint brush in hand. Suddenly, the words flowed effortlessly. Upon completion of the filming, I realized that the painting revealed a huge sunny depiction amidst my discussions about grief and anxiety. That's when it dawned on me that I was in the process of healing.

Price: 42,000 DKK.

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BY BJØRK STUDIO isn't just an abstract art gallery—it's a creative sanctuary curated by Bjørk Emilie Nielsen, a 25-year-old artist whose large, vibrant paintings on cotton canvas serve as a balm for the soul. Beginning her artistic journey in 2020, Bjørk uses her art to articulate the struggle against anxiety, stress, and depression. With a following of 30,000, she's managed to assist her audience through similar challenges.

Featured on podcasts like 'GIRLTALK' and 'Hva' SÅ!?' she's shared how art and creativity have been instrumental in overcoming tough times. Her artwork spans from poster

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