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07 August 2023 | by Brorson ApS

Towel ladders in black oak are designed with the idea of ​​a movable piece of furniture for the home's many rooms.

The designer behind the beautiful novelty is Rikke Brorson. Her thoughts behind the design are that the multifunctional towel ladder should be usable in all rooms of the home:
In the bathroom for towels, in the bedroom for clothes, in the kitchen for aprons, tea towels, in the living room for storing plaids and magazines and in the entrance hall for storing coats, scarves, hats, etc.
The ladder is of course manufactured locally in Denmark.

The ladder can be moved from room to room as needed. It stands loosely against the wall and is supported by 2 solid rubber feet at the bottom of each side bar.

The ladder's design is timeless and very stylish. The ladder has a functional shelf at the top and 4 cross bars for storage.

The beautiful ladders can be moved from room to room, as these do not have to be mounted on the wall or floor, but instead are extremely flexible by being movable and which stand solidly and stably on all floor surfaces with the help of supporting rubber feet at the bottom of each side bar.

The towel ladders are made of sustainable oak and are produced locally here in Denmark.

Place the attractive ladder against the wall - Then it is ready for use. Go exploring and find inspiration for how you can use the ladder in all the many rooms of the home.

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