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Office and warehouse: Kristianstad, Sweden

Showroom: Århusgade 88, 4.sal, Copenhagen, Danmark

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At Lovely Linen, we offer beautiful and sustainable linens that are of the highest quality. We are committed to providing luxurious products for your home while caring for the environment.

Our linens are carefully crafted using the best natural materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. Whether it's bed sheets or tablecloths, each piece is designed to add elegance and charm to your living space.

What makes us special is our dedication to sustainability. We source our materials from sustainable and organic sources, reducing our impact on the environment. We also take steps to conserve water and minimize waste during manufacturing.

By choosing Lovely Linen, you not only enjoy the beauty and comfort of our products but also contribute to a greener future. Experience the luxury of Lovely Linen while making a conscious choice for a sustainable world.

Welcome to Lovely Linen, where quality, beauty, and sustainability come together.

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Tina Rasmussen

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