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Dirkshorn, Holland

Sorø, Danmark

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Art to Basic is a new, creative and sustainable Danish/Dutch brand that teaches you everything about making your own paint.

The pigment boxes contain all the knowledge, plus all the ingredients and tools you’ll need to make your own watercolour paint, ink, oil paint etc.

Once you’ve learnt the principles you can use all of nature's own raw materials or the exact pigments you want, to make even more types of paint – far more cheaply and sustainably. There’s something very special about being self-sufficient and independent.

The brand is called Art to Basic, and consists of various boxes that teach art enthusiasts, artists and all other creative people to make their own art paint from pure pigments and raw materials.

We’re constantly developing new boxes that can show you what a fantastic world paint-making is. We want to inspire you to be more enthused!

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