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Unique qualities of the Vance Kitira candles:
- Asthma and Allergy friendly candles
- Certified clean candles - tested at SGS laboratory
- Average sooting procent as low as 0,01%
- Exceptionel long burn hours
- Odorless and smokeless
- Premium food grade paraffin - REACH certified
- Hand poured
- Through colored
- Fine dyes from Germany
- 100 % US cotton wicks from US
- self-extingushing

Are you aware that candles made from paraffin are cleaner than candles made from pure stearin?

Vance Kitira Timber® Candles are poured from ‘premium food grade’ paraffin and produced with 100% cotton wicks. This is paraffin approved for use in the food industry, fully refined and the cleanest paraffin on the market. A pure and clear paraffin which is completely cleansed for impurities and used in foods like cheese, chocolate and cake etc. The result is a incredible beautiful candle, with a unique warm glow and exceptionel long burn hours.

The Vance Kitira Timber® candles are tested and certified at the SGS Laboratory in France. The test concludes that the candles are free from cancerous particles when burning. The candles are asthmatic and allergy friendly.

As a great advantage of the fully refined wax which is cleansed for all impurities and oil residues we get the acknowledge long burn hours compared to bad quality candles where oil residue reduces the burn hours. We can only recommend you to use the Vance Kitira candles. These candles are much more than a candle

Tip: Let the candles burn to the edge the first time you light them. Trim the wick during use for better burning candles.

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This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Lübech Living was founded in 2006. We work within the business of interior, lifestyle and home decoration. The core idea of Lübech Living is transparency. 

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All products are handmade and produced under sustainable conditions. We are well known for our design, style and quality. Lübech Living design and produce our own brand OOhh and OOhhx, we work as the European distributor for Vance Kitira Candles and we are the Nordic distributor for the well known Italian brand UASHMAMA.

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