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Lübech Living

Made from zero waste paper and natural latex inside to make it waterproof
Fair trade women project in Sri Lanka
Sustainable production & sustainable material

Mail a flat packed flowerpot - who would have thought this was possible?

The Mail Me pot arrives flat packed and as soon as you insert a flower or herb it expand and becomes the most beautiful sustainable flower pot. Mail Me is inspired by a former OOhh design - the Flower Bag, which has now been taken to a new and even more CO2 friendly level.

The vision behind Mail Me has for OOhh Collection been to design the most CO2 neutral product. A product without having to compromise on the design in order to meet the sustainable goals of OOhh. It is a truly well designed flower pot where production, material and transport are as close to CO2 neutral as we can wish for and still being able to offer a well designed flower pot which will look beautiful in any environment. Choose Mail Me and you will get a truly modern design which is sustainable and an exiting step towards a new generation of sustainable interior.

The materials are OOhh’s zero waste paper, recycled corrugated paper and inside you find a lining of compostable material to secure you a waterproof product.

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Formland Spring 2024

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Lübech Living

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Lübech Living was founded in 2006. We work within the business of interior, lifestyle and home decoration. The core idea of Lübech Living is transparency. 

Stunning, sustainable, handmade
All products are handmade and produced under sustainable conditions. We are well known for our design, style and quality. Lübech Living design and produce our own brand OOhh and OOhhx, we work as the European distributor for Vance Kitira Candles and we are the Nordic distributor for the well known Italian brand UASHMAMA.

We do everything for a reason
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