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Squarely Copenhagen

GrowLARGE is much more than just a planter box; it's a piece of "plant furniture". Due to its shape and height, GrowLarge can be used as a freestanding green wall or room divider. This model will transform your terrace, home or office into a green oasis. The ideal size for large plants such as bamboo, grasses or tropical plants.
GrowLARGE has - an integrated self-watering system.
Using capillary forces, the soil is constantly moisturised in a natural way, so your plants are always perfectly supplied with water.
You only need to water 1-3 times a month - saving time and energy and allowing you to enjoy beautiful green plants effortlessly, even in a dry summer.

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Formland Autumn 2024

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Squarely Copenhagen

SQUARELY COPENHAGEN is a Danish design brand created by architect Agnieszka Jacobs. She saw the need for high-end design that connects people with nature. Today, Agnieszka runs SQUARELY COPENHAGEN with her business partner Barbara Rombach.
Both have a passion for slow design, recycled materials and products that can last for generations. With a passionate team of creative design and nature lovers, they have been designing high-quality wooden plant furniture with a unique self-watering technology since 2018.
Squarely Copenhagen wants to inspire a future where we live a green life with minim

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