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Confetti Salsa Bowl is one of our Ceramic Bowls designed in Scandinavia and handmade in Andalusia, Spain. We use traditional ceramics techniques with terracotta clay. These Ceramic Bowls are hand-painted with Confetti pattern.

Our ceramics are made with a crafty touch, so each piece is slightly different in size, shape and color. This makes the ceramics one-of-a-kind and gives them a handmade charm that sets them apart from more mass-produced ceramics.

Category: Ceramic Bowls
Volume: 150 ml
Diameter: 9 cm
Height: 4,5 cm
Material: Handmade Ceramics (White Clay)
Packed 30 pieces per box.

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Launched in 2022, Familianna creates lifestyle objects exclusively for wholesale customers to inspire and encourage mindful living. We work with the best designers from Scandinavia and traditional manufacturers from Andalusia to create high-quality ceramic homeware that is long-lasting, affordable and fits into a range of styles and spaces.

Familianna's functional, sustainable and 100% hand processed products with premium quality are featured in a range of complex colours and both classic and organic or customised shapes.

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