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16 November 2022 | Chic Antique

Giving new life to old treasures is the philosophy behind the foundation of Chic Antique, and our Grimaud collection is the epitome of just that.

Our Grimaud collection is a selection of unique pieces – old artefacts and items made from beautifully patinaed, recycled wood. And it helps add both warmth, soul, and history to a home.

An example of this is the old water bottles and milk jugs. They were once used by people living in Hill Stations, to transport water and milk to the villages. They are beautifully handcrafted and today, they will look lovely on their own, but also with a bouquet of dried flowers.

The collection includes lovely décor pieces, as well as furniture. Common for all Grimaud is the traces of a previous life and purpose.

The Grimaud pieces are so easy to fall in love with – we could not help but giving new life to these old treasures, and let them be used and bring beauty and joy, all over again.

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Chic Antique

Welcome to Chic Antique and our universe of rustic and romantic French décor. Our story originated in the French countryside at the atmospheric Brocante markets, where Chic Antique owner, Bente Kienast, spend much of her time, during the warm summers in France. Here, hidden old treasures were uncovered, so beautiful and filled with history that they deserved new life – and from there, the dream was sparked.

The French flea markets are still a big part of who we are, and the design process. Today, Chic Antique sells to more than 55 countries and offers a wide variety of exclusive furniture a

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