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06 June 2024 | Räder

We are writing DESIGN HISTORY
Our products are love, devotion and 100 percent our own design. Because just as räder products
don’t simply pop out of a machine, the same goes for the design philosophy: everything is designed
and dreamed up by our in - house design department, consisting of six product and graphic designers.
From strategic collection design to the fi rst product idea to packaging, our own trade fair booths, POS
materials and print media, everything at räder comes from the hands and heads of our creative
department. In addition, we closely cooperate with purchasing, marketing, logistics and distribution to
satisfy your wishes and quality expectations. The räder collection is thus made possible by a capable
team of workers who show a great deal of initiative! Because this is the only way to ensure our beautiful
products guarantee success for your retail store.

Our production takes place all over the world – not just
faraway parts of Asia, but also Europe and even Germany,
rank among our production locations. We use traditional
manufacturing techniques and regional materials, and ultimately these are the deciding factors for our production locations.
To ensure that you can also sell our products to your
customers with a clear conscience, we have made it our
mission to take social and sustainable actions seriously in the
value chain: our high -quality products are almost exclusively
made of renewable raw materials. In addition, they are almost
completely free from crude oils and we test all items for
harmful substances.
To guarantee the wellbeing of our suppliers and their
employees, we maintain long- standing relationships with
the small family -run companies and manufacturers by performing multiple personal visits every year, and we ensure the
high quality standards of our products by performing on-site
inspections all year round.

räder – this is particularly the people behind the brand.
We think is important to not only successfully shape our
company for you and us, but to also practice human
management. You will feel this in every conversation, in every
product and in our love of doing our best for you every day.
Coming together is our beginning.
Staying together is our strength.
Working together is our success.

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By-Holm Aps is a Danish agency founded in May 2021, representing exciting foreign brands that are still relatively unknown in the Danish market. The brands all have a strong identity that sets them apart from what we typically see, and this is precisely what makes them unique. They are all lifestyle brands aiming to beautify Danish homes in a new and different way.

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