Join the creators at Formland

What is Creators Community?

Our curated start-up event Creators Community enables you to test the interest for your product/concept among professional buyers and key profiles. 

If you are selected for Creators Community, you will get: 

• A 6 sqm exhibition stand at an exceptional price.
• Free mentoring. 
• A chance to become part of our start-up event. 
• A chance to winn the prestigeous DESIGN AWARD with a prize of €3,000,- plus a 12 sqm stand at Formand Autumn 2023.
• 50% discount on the stand rental fee at the two subsequent Formland trade shows. 

Former creator at Formland

Free mentoring

As a part of Creators Community, a professional mentor (designer or business leader) from the Danish business community will be appointed to you. 

The mentoring programme is free of charge and it will prepare you for exhibiting and handling the contacts you will gain at Formland. Furthermore, all mentors will share valuable advice and industry insights. 

Being selected for Creators Community requires you to engage and take responsibility in connection with the mentoring programme - this will obviously lead to the most successful outcome. 

See the mentors

Mentors at Creators Community

How to apply


Step 1

Check ’practical informtaions’ above regarding WHO can apply. See also which advantages you get and the costs.

Step 2

If you meet the criteria please download our powerpoint template on the link below.

Step 3

Fill in the template and create a short video-pitch – you will find further guidance in the template.

Step 4

Fill in company data below, upload your powerpoint presentation, upload your video and press send.

Download template

NOTE: The deadline has surpassed and all creators have been selected. We will open up for new sign-ups in Spring 2023.

Design award

Every year at the Formland Spring show the prestigious Design Award is presented. As an exhibitor in Creators Community you automatically participate in the award.

The prizes are following:

1. prize: €3.000,- + a 12 m2 stand at the next edition of Formand.

2. prize: €1.000,- + a 12 m2 stand at the next edition of Formand.

3. prize: A 12 m2 stand at the next edition of Formand.

A professional jury nominates in cooperation 10 Creators after which they appoints the winners of 1., 2. and 3. place.

Creator receives design-award

Jury members


Anders Nørgaard

Jury member at Creators Community

Susanne Østergaard

Creators Community jury member

Lena Boel

Creators Community member of the jury

Mads Arlien-Søborg

Jury member at Creators - Formland

Flemming Andersen

Member of jury at Creators Community