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Nature to the people

Exciting demos featured at Formland Spring 2023: GREENHOUSE

Explore our luscious green and sensory universe 'GREENHOUSE - Nature to the people' in hall K. Here, you can dig into exciting events such as flower demos and talks.

Stop by Greenhouse and bring home a budding memory.

You can all day go and plant your own little plant in a nice clay pot - which you bring home with you, and watch it sprout.

We look forward to welcoming spring, in the most beautiful bloom, together with you!

Sunday | 13.30-14.00 | Demonstation with Rebecca Coretto - Dune Landscape

Be inspired by Rebecca Coretto as she opens the demonstrations in the Greenhouse.

Look forward to a demo where the key word is "Dune landscape".

It's about being able to dream away to the summer house, the orangery in the spring, the terrace in the summer, or something completely different, and get inspiration for this with the most delicious jars.

The demo comes around:

- Green and orange tones in an interplay
- New interpretations of various recognizable forms
- Legend materials and directions
- "Easy" to make and/or to put your own twist on
- Inspirational designs
- Play with proportions

In total, you an look forward to 8 different pots and jars with plants, but 11 designs - with a common thread.

"I always work from the point of view of inspiring others, but giving them the opportunity to take and use what they see fits their own customer needs, and at the same time give them the opportunity to put their own stamp on the design."

Monday | 10.30-11.00 I Demonstration with Tenna Petersen - sculptural forms and beautiful colors

For this demonstration, you can look forward to the inspiration with indoor plants.

It is time to bring the plants outside and let them adorn the terrace over the summer. Many indoor plants can easily tolerate being outside for most of the summer. The focus will be on the slightly smaller decorations, which can be placed in most rooms indoors, but can also be brought outside and decorated. The selected plants for this demo are easy to care for and maintain even for the busy family.

You will experience creations with a focus on current trends, with organic sculptural forms and beautiful colors in focus.

"I have focused on simple, delicious and stylish creations, which at same time makes it possible for the individual person possibilities and develop with their own ideas and thoughts. I am looking forward showing my ideas on some exciting creations."

Tuesday | 10.30-11.00 | Demonstration with Alberte Hammer - Natural expression

Look forward to a demonstration where words like 'green' are a keyword, and where the focus is on nature and its expression.

Come along when indoor life is brought outside on the terrace. Creations are made in all sizes - here only the imagination sets the limits. In addition, exciting shapes and whimsical expressions will be used.

“I work best when my imagination is given free rein. It's about seeing opportunities rather than limitations, as well as solving the task with the materials you have at hand. I always focus on doing my job to the best of my ability, and love when I can inspire people around me. In my demo, it is possible to pick apart the individual creations a little and thereby take home the idea you like best - and perhaps build on it with your own imagination".

Demos at Greenhouse

Cultivating fresh ideas to decorate with flowers at Greenhouse

The ideas behind the concept

Draw inspiration from our luscious green and sensory universe with an exciting mix of plants and interior products erasing the boundaries between indoor and outdoor areas. 

Do not miss out on 'GREENHOUSE - Nature to the people', where you can cultivate fresh ideas to decorate with flowers, plants and interiors in new and trendy ways. GREENHOUSE, which is an expansion of the ‘Living & Garden’ sector in Hall K, consists of, among other things, a large orangery displaying plants, flowers and interiors and an outdoor area with garden furniture.

Garden and orangery trends are growing more than ever before. Indoor spaces are moved outside and new rooms for relaxation, wellness and enjoyment are created.

We spend time together in new ways, where nature is the centre of attention and where we make time for each other. Explore when this new trend unfolds at the GREENHOUSE area and get inspired on how to pass on this new trend to your customers.


'GREENHOUSE - Nature to the people' has been created in parthership with different branches of the flower & plant growing industry among others the GASA GROUP.

The news media Jyske Bank TV visited the area at the Autumn edition in 2021. 

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