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Nature to the people

The ideas behind the concept

Immerse yourself in our lush green and sensory universe, where plants and interior products come together to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

GREENHOUSE is a conceptual collaboration between Formland and GASA GROUP.

When designing GREENHOUSE, we drew inspiration from 'GASA GROUP Lifestyle.' This concept embodies GASA GROUP's understanding of how future consumers want to integrate plants into their lives. It aligns perfectly with GASA GROUP's mission: 'Nature to the people.'

Step into GREENHOUSE and explore its four distinct sections, each catering to the preferences of different consumer types that GASA GROUP is focusing on in 2023 and 2024: The Caregiver, The Melancholy, The Silent, and The Fascinated. This time, our special focus is on Autumn 2023.

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Happenings in Greenhouse

Every day during Formland, you can join Alberte Hammer on an inspiring walk and talk in a sensory universe.

11.00 – 11.30 | Walk and talk in a sprouting universe

Join Alberte Hammer on a walk and talk in a flourishing universe. Alberte has designed this season's Greenhouse based on GASA GROUP's lifestyle segments: The Caregiver, The Melancholy, The Silent, and The Fascinated. Discover her thoughts, the creative process, and visual delights behind it.

Alberte Hammer, Florist

Demos at Greenhouse