A blooming and eventful universe created in partnership with the GASA Group, where nature, flowers, and plants take center stage.


Nature to the People

Biodiversity: Plants and people on a common mission.

At Formland Autumn, GASA Group’s strong mission: ‘Nature to the people’ shines a spotlight on the importance of biodiversity in our modern society. The entire GREENHOUSE area transforms into an exhibition focusing on nature and plants that promote biodiversity and support a rich ecosystem, from flowering meadows to shady trees.

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At the heart of our modern society lies a special connection that links us to the nature around us. It is this connection, and our mission "Nature to the people," that inspires us for this year's exhibition.

Biodiversity is not just an abstract concept. It is the incredible variety of plants, animals, and microorganisms that collaborate to create the ecosystems we depend on. Through our exhibition, we aim to highlight the crucial role that biodiversity plays in our world, and how plants can be the key to promoting this biodiversity.

In today's modern society, people easily become disconnected from nature. GASA Group collaborates with nurseries and retail stores to make nature accessible to all who appreciate its energy and its ability to contribute to our mental well-being. The GREENHOUSE area reminds us of the importance of preserving and promoting biodiversity.


"When we understand the value of biodiversity, we can work together to ensure a sustainable future for both nature and humans, and through this make our company's mission on bringing 'Nature to the people' come alive."

We hope to see you in Greenhouse, Hall K

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