Formland Design Award

The prestigious prize is reintroduced at Autumn 2024

Honoring special design and design talent

Formland wishes to honor products and brands that are uniquely innovative, functional, and sustainable. Thus, the Formland Design Award is reintroduced from Autumn 2024 and at all Formland shows thereafter.

The first of many awards is announced at the opening of Formland on Saturday August 17, 2024.

How to choose the winner?

All exhibitors at the upcoming Formland trade show can nominate up to 3 designs. A professional jury will vote and select the winner based on 5 overall criteria:

Relevance, Function, Design, Sustainability and Innovation.

Prize for the winner:

Editorial in BoBedre and a piece of art from Louisiana.


The Jury

Formland community classic - Interior and lifestyle

Formland community classic - Interior and lifestyle

David Andersen, designer with a passion for sustainable development and aesthetic innovation, graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2004.

After working with several Danish brands, David took the step to establish his own brand in 2009. Here he achieved significant recognition both at home and abroad for his focus on sustainability. His dedication to environmental awareness and ethical manufacturing has earned him several prestigious awards, including accolades from, among others. The Norwegian Art Foundation.

David Andersen has not only shaped his own brand, but has also externally contributed as a design and idea developer for a number of companies, including Bolig, Ecco, Alton & Heim, Kopenhagen Fur, Batavus, Ege Tæpper, Bianco, and HH Simonsen. 

From 2014-18, David Andersen was Vice President, Design for Rosendahl Design Group. He has since continued to explore new areas of the design world, including as a member of the Red Dot committee where David has been responsible for lifestyle products for the past 10 years.

Formland community classic - Interior and lifestyle

Mads Arlien-Søborg is one of Denmark's leading lifestyle and design experts. For many years, Mads has worked with development trends within e.g. consumer behaviour, zeitgeist and lifestyle and has been associated with Formland since 2007. Mads has, among other things, used his expert knowledge within Danmarks Radio as host of the architecture and lifestyle programs Nordiske Rum, Vilde Huse and Vilde Hoteller and has previously been employed as a trend researcher at Pejgruppen, news editor at Bo Bedre and freelance journalist at Euroman. As a design and lifestyle expert, Mads is often quoted in Danish and international magazines and newspapers and is also an inspiring and entertaining lecturer with many years of experience.

Formland community classic - Interior and lifestyle

Throughout his career, Peter has worked with fashion and design for e.g. Mads Nørgaard, Billy Boy, Stig P, Red or Dead, ROGER and Casa Shop. For 15 years he was co-owner of Normann Copenhagen's store, before he was offered the position of Buyer and Store Manager at Louisiana.

Formland community classic - Interior and lifestyle

Formland community classic - Interior and lifestyle

Er du udstiller og vil nominere dine design?

Som udstiller på Formland Autumn 2024 kan man nominere op til 3 designs. Læs mere om kriterierne og hvordan man indsender sine design under udstillersektionen.

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