Styling Event • Danske Dekoratører • Hall J2

Book a 1:1 session free of charge!

By booking a free 1:1 session with Danske Dekoratører, you will gain expert advice on creating an enticing environment that boosts interest in your products.   

During 20 minutes, you will receive:

  • Guidance in optimizing your shop layout
  • Styling tips
  • Assistance in solving design challenges

To ensure you do not miss any valuable insights, you will receive a summary of the session after the trade show.


By booking a session with Danske Dekoratører, you will also have the chance to win a 1:1 mentoring session at valued at DKK 4,500.

Book free 1:1 session

Styling service from Danske Dekoratører

Visuel merchandising students at Formland

A glimpse of future trends

Visual Merchandising students from the Design School Kolding offer you the opportunity to peek into the trend of the future, as they give their take on four trends within Fashion, Interior, Kids, and Dining & Taste.

The main purpose of this event is to spark your thoughts and feelings, encouraging you to take a stance.

Meet the Visual Merchandising students in Hall J3.