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New and exciting Danish home interior and fashion accessories designer brand

The Elena Poulsen collection is a universe of many different collections with unique, handmade baskets, placemats & bags with a focus on design, sustainability and quality.

The products are handmade in Denmark and the designer, Elena Poulsen, has designed each product herself and was inspired by the classic elements of Danish design such as simplicity, natural materials, high quality and good craftsmanship.

The products are made with care and love from natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials - such as jute and cotton cord. The jute used is 100% natural and not bleached and the cotton cord used is composed of 100% recycled cotton.

The Elena Poulsen collection is already sold with great success in leading home interior and fashion accessories stores and is already used by several home stylists and interior designers.

Meet us

Elena Poulsen

Company founder

In February 2023, I established the home interior and fashion accessories designer brand business, Elena Poulsen collection, that has great development potential - not just in Denmark, but globally. I am determined to make the Elena Poulsen collection business my livelihood and I work hard all my waking hours to succeed in this. Background I had absolutely no background in entrepreneurship, no expereince with starting a business, nor any great knowledge of purchasing, stocking, production, financing, bookkeeping, sales or marketing... However, this did not deter me and I have now thrown myself into this business adventure... this is due to my Pippi Longstocking mindset "I HAVEN'T TRIED THAT BEFORE, SO I CAN SURELY DO IT WELL" combined with the desire to become an entrepreneur...and as Hella Joof says "if it tickles your stomach, you have to say yes" ...and yes, in fact, it turns out that you can do quite a lot, you just haven't learned how yet....and that you "just" have to face the fear," because fear gives free rein to the imagination and colors our experiences. That design and handicraft became the focal point of my business was no accident, however. Love for needlework has always been great in my family. My grandmother knitted and embroidered. My mother also sews and knits very well. Grandma taught me to embroider and mom taught me to knit and sew from an early age. At the age of 18, I graduated from the School of Design and Crafts with a diploma in Clothing Design. As a hobby, I have sewn for family, friends and acquaintances, but my move to Denmark in 2022 made it possible for me to pursue one of my biggest dreams... namely to start my own home interior and fashion accessories designer brand. This then happened on 10/2 2023 when the Elena Poulsen collection went live and the first Instagram post was sent out I love what I do and I am extremely proud of how far I have come in just a few months with the Elena Poulsen collection. ...but I am most proud that I can now make full use of my design education and what my grandmother and mother taught me when I was very small. Pattern Breaker & Role Model The start of my business adventure happened only 12 months after I moved to Denmark. In addition to being busy with building my business, I also learn Danish at a language school twice a week and use every opportunity to adapt to Danish culture... and who would have thought that I would be happy with licorice, ice cream cones and watching the Danish national team play football. In addition to learning Danish and running a business, I have also started playing both golf and tennis, where I have made many new acquaintances and created a network. As a new mover and as a newly started female entrepreneur, I see myself somewhat as a pattern breaker and role model. Women represent only a quarter of entrepreneurs in Denmark and only 8 per cent. of the women in the Danish population are new entrepreneurs. The majority of Danish women themselves believe that the biggest barrier to becoming an entrepreneur is that they lack the right skills and that there are few female role models to look up to. It is therefore important for me to show that you can do so much more if you just dare to move out of your "comfort zone". I have good support in my husband, who backs me up and puts his arm around me when the entrepreneurship gets too hard.


Elena Poulsen

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