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For more than a decade, we have serviced and delivered to the gastro, interior and design industry with a particular focus on long-lasting home accessories, furnishings and kitchenware in a stylish and classic Danish style.

We design and manufacture our wide range of food-approved serving boards, tapas boards, sushi boards, cutting boards, planks, chopping blocks, wooden trays, interiors and furniture exclusively locally here in Denmark.

There is a short path from idea to finished product and therefore we also manufacture according to wishes.

Visit us at our stand in hall F / 5202 and let us become your new supplier of Danish and sustainable designs for your business and webshop.

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Rikke Brorson

Designer / CEO

Since 2009, Rikke Brorson has owned and run by Brorson with very clear attitudes about design and production. "The entire philosophy behind my company reflects my personal view of humanity and my views on how we should act in a constantly changing world with a greater focus on people and the environment. My company is me and I am my company. Social responsibility, local Danish production, good craftsmanship, sustainability, high design, quality and durability are the cornerstones of my company" Rikke Brorson


Rikke Brorson

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