The Little Kin Alma doll

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Little Kin Studio

Little Kin Studio Waldorf Dolls are 100% handmade and crafted in collaboration with a socio-economic women’s workshop in Peru, using old Waldorf techniques.

The Little Kin Dolls are designed to foster creative play and social skill development in children

The doll's body is made of a linen/cotton blend, has sewn-on arms and is filled with organic wool. The cheeks are colored with a natural beeswax colour.
This is our medium sized doll, measuring approximately 12.5”.

The doll is dressed in a removable dress.

As each individual doll is 100% handmade, there will be slight variations in appearance and expression.

CE tested

Handmade in Peru and Copenhagen

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Formland Autumn 2024

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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