Pacifier Cord - Ladybug

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Verksted | Lille Starut

Most parents know the fuzz.

pacifiers everywhere. Never to be found. In the car, in the kindergarten, at home?

Our elegant and practical pacifier cord are produced in vegetable core leather and has a cute expression with the printed ladybug.

the color is cognac, and it comes in a nice box - ready for sale!
From Argentina in South America we have selected the best quality leather from cattle that have free access to large green areas.

It is crucial for us to know that the animals' conditions are proper.The same applies to the tanning-process.

The naturalness of the leather means that the leather behaves differently and will take on color over time from the environment to which it is exposed.

The leather we sell is tanned with extracts from the bark of the Quebracho tree. In addition, the leather is dyed exclusively with vegetable dye, which makes this product extraordinary. From the tannery, the water used can be channeled directly back into the ecosystem. This means that there is no waste water left and no toxic chemicals either.

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Formland Autumn 2024

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Verksted | Lille Starut

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We work actively to make our production as green as possible. We are constantly getting better. We want ours and our children and grandchildren to play and dance on a planet t

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