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The Magic Table Lamp has undergone a magical transformation! Now available in sandy green and beige, with a vibrant red cord, this lamp effortlessly combines style and versatility with a decorative twist. With its dimmable touch function, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your needs and create the perfect ambience. Whether for reading, working, or simply adding a cosy glow to your surroundings, the Magic Table Lamp has you covered. Place it on your desk, nightstand, or side table, and watch as it instantly transforms the atmosphere with its playful, geometric form, and colour combination. Just touch and illuminate.

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Hübsch A/S

With a dream of creating something exceptional, Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger and Daniel Henriksen founded Hübsch in 2010. Not only was the vision to develop joyous products for the world of interior design lovers, but they also wanted to create a company culture where employees feel good. Therefore, the keyword happiness is deeply rooted in the brand DNA. The brand believes that happi­ness emerges from surrounding ourselves with happy people and products that spark joy. The Hübsch ‘look and feel’ combines a playful approach to material and colour combinations with a distinct sense of aesthet

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