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HRD Carpets AB

FOREST is a new mix rug with a pattern borrowed from our popular Savanne plastic mat. Designer Lotta Söder has created a wonderful colour scale that stretches from subtle pale hues to luminous cobalt blue.

FOREST is available in 6 Wonderfull colours and I many different sizes

Formland Spring 2024

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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HRD Carpets AB

Swedish rugs since 1956

Our Plastic rugs have been produced since 1950s and are unrivaled in terms of durability both INDOOR and OUTDOORS.
The material we use in our plastic rugs is certified phthalate free PVC, with high UV-protection.

Manufactured in Sweden, in compliance with REACH and ROHS certificates.

Our crafting traditions remains, and today we proudly produce our women rugs at our own local weaving mill in Horred, Sweden. Rugs in various materials and high quality design that has taken tradition further in new and exciting directions.

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