Delmor Fit VIVA 76x142cm

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Green Petition 100% Recycled

The Viva FIT Bath Towel has been produced using 100% of recycled materials, with 70% of the bath towel being recycled 100%cotton that was taken from three t-shirts and the other 30% having been produced using polyester yarn from 7 consumed plastic bottles recycled.

The production and design of this bath towel have been developed using sustainable materials as well as sustainable processes, with around 3500 liters of water being saved for each towel produced!

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Green Petition 100% Recycled

Green Petition is a unique brand that is producing 100% Recycled bath and beach towels. Collected plastic bottles from the ocean and leftover fabrics from t-shirt productions are turned into yarns and then after made to colorful towels.

During our production we have no water waste in our products, we have not used any chemicals in our products and have no dye in our products. We clean the ocean from plastic bottles and save clean water. In 2022 we have diverted 97,588+ pieces plastic bottle from landfillshas and 44,029+ pieces T-shirts have been recycled. Thus 46,291,141 + litres of clean

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