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SCHERNING københavn

SCHERNING københavn. Eye-catching and stylish teardrop-shaped stud earrings in shiny silver.

Sterling silver
Dia. 11 mm

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Formland Autumn 2024

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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SCHERNING københavn

SCHERNING københavn is a small independent Danish jewellery brand founded by designer Mette Scherning in 2004.

All SCHERNING jewellery is handcrafted at our own workshops in Copenhagen and Portugal, ensuring the highest quality.

Care & Craftsmanship are core values at SCHERNING, reflected in everything from design and material selection to production and quality assurance.

Our jewellery is sold in selected design and lifestyle stores in Denmark and several European countries, as well as in Japan, England, and the USA.

In Copenhagen, we have a store/showroom and workshop at Elmegad

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