A classic and colourful Christmas

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Mette Ditmer Denmark ApS

Christmas is something we really cherish, and we all have our own personal Christmas traditions. With the new collection we want to show how Christmas looks through our eyes. The collection is classical and elegant without being too Christmassy and lets you decide whether the items should be dressed up or down to set your own personal touch.

The unique Christmas collection invites you to create your own ‘hygge’, cosiness and fond Christmas memories to pass on to the next generation.

Classic ornaments
Simplicity at its finest. The Christmas collection includes beautiful porcelain cones decorated with a relief motif and matte porcelain Christmas ornaments which are hand painted in three different designs making each ornament unique. Their classic look makes them easy to decorate with and you can dress them up or down reflecting your own Christmas traditions.

A Colourful Christmas
Add a touch of the iconic Mette Ditmer colour DNA using the TWENTYFOUR Christmas candle and ART PIECE candleholders to make it even more personal. The candle itself has a subdued colour while the graphic pattern has a vivid colour with contrasting numbers making it a bold and trendy choice to the more classic and traditional Christmas decorations.

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Mette Ditmer Denmark ApS

Our unique creations date back to 1995, when designer Mette Ditmer began to realise her passion for textiles created on the principles of authenticity, eminent quality, well-being and attention to detail. Since then, the Mette Ditmer universe has expanded to include products for the entire home, whose characteristics are based on the same strong values. Through our products, we want to inspire a tactile, Scandinavian and stylish interior design in homes all over the world - and with a little twist of something unexpected. Our holistic approach to interior design means that the entire home can

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