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25 November 2022 | Ib Laursen

Ib Laursen’s UNIQUE items are individually fabricated and each of them has a set of distinctive characteristics. These features make every item varied and unique, which is also the case with material, size, shape, and finish. These very individual features are part of the product and its charming characteristics. There may be cracks and splinters in the material, which is completely natural when it comes to an item that has been in use for many years. It is also what gives the item a unique look with soul and charm.

For instance, Ib Laursen’s extremely popular market table from the UNIQUE series, is from India, where it has been used at markets for displaying everything from food and spices to fabrics and utility items. The tables are foldable, which made them easy to transport and easy to unfold arriving at the marketplace.
The tables are unique as to wood type, age, and design. The table might have space between the boards, and cracks and holes in the wood may occur. It also varies, how much paint is left on the tables as well as the colour of the paint.

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