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06 December 2022 | Verksted | Lille Starut

Want to, can do!

As a company in 2022, we must take a position on sustainability.
In several of our articles here on our Formland profile, you can read more about our values ​​and initiatives in the area.

At Verksted, the concept of sustainability covers more than environmental considerations. Naturally, without compromising on just that.
As a company that designs and produces interiors for children and their adults, it is natural for us to cherish the values ​​that spring from the family. The awareness that weekdays are the ones with the most in life emphasizes the importance of time and presence and the prioritization of it. That is also sustainability.

Sustainable family life has never been more important than now, when we are busier than ever and where expectations for children as well as adults are higher than before.

For us as a family with children, it is crucial to create a framework in everyday life that provides as much space as possible for presence and the moments that matter most. It often requires a difficult balancing act to provide room and space for these moments, when everyday realities such as cleaning, packed lunches and laundry also have to be taken care of.
We find that it is the little things that work.

Sofie, who is the director of Verksted, has drawn on experiences from her professional background in the development of our cleaning roofs. As an occupational therapist, Sofie knows a lot about the well-being of children and adults, and has used her occupational therapy knowledge to create a product that makes everyday life a little easier, but most importantly - gives the children faith in themselves, that they can do it themselves and that they are respected for exactly who they are and what they contribute to the family.

We do not want to claim that our cleaning tags ensure an always sparkling clean and tidy home. That is not the intention either.
The intention behind the clean-up tags is to give the children themselves the opportunity to participate in the family's daily rhythm, which increases their self-esteem and self-image.
As is always the case with Verksted's products, the tags are created with an eye for practicality as well as aesthetics.
the product appears in a clean, Nordic expression and is made of sustainable bamboo.

We look forward to showing you our cleaning tags at Formland!

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Verksted | Lille Starut

At Verksted, we create beautiful and sustainable interiors for your home.
Our interiors for children are created with timeless designs, that fits into most children's rooms.

As a family with children, we know the challenge it can be, to bring aesthetics and practice into a higher unity.
It is one of the challenges we are attempting to meet with our designs.

At Verksted, we value sustainable values ​​very highly.
We work actively to make our production as green as possible. We are constantly getting better. We want ours and our children and grandchildren to play and dance on a planet t

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