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12 May 2023 | Verksted | Lille Starut

At Verksted, we are so happy to announce that we are returning to Formland for Formland autumn!

Winter's Formland was a huge success, and this year it will be even wilder.

Our experience of being part of the Creators Community was overwhelmingly positive. We were rich in experience, contacts and relationships with exciting entrepreneurs and dealers when we turned our noses towards Funen after 3 exciting days.

Look forward to experiencing a completely new and exciting stand when we are part of the regular exhibitors this time.

We have exciting news up our sleeve and we can hardly wait!


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Verksted | Lille Starut

At Verksted, we create beautiful and sustainable interiors for your home.
Our interiors for children are created with timeless designs, that fits into most children's rooms.

As a family with children, we know the challenge it can be, to bring aesthetics and practice into a higher unity.
It is one of the challenges we are attempting to meet with our designs.

At Verksted, we value sustainable values ​​very highly.
We work actively to make our production as green as possible. We are constantly getting better. We want ours and our children and grandchildren to play and dance on a planet t

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