"Vegetable tanning is the natural choice for us"

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06 December 2022 | Verksted | Lille Starut

"Vegetable tanning is the natural choice for us"
This is how Sofie, Director of Verksted, answers when asked why Verksted uses the more costly and slow tanning process. She further says:
"We make products for children. If we're not going to invest in their future by choosing sustainable alternatives, it just wouldn't make sense to me".

read more about the leather in our production here:

Leather is a pretty amazing product and has been used for thousands of years.
It is incredibly hard-wearing, durable and only becomes more beautiful with time when patinated.

As a starting point, leather is a fairly stiff material, so to make it more pliable it must be processed in one way or another. For example tanning.

We use grain leather in our production of primarily pacifier holders. Grain leather is leather that has not undergone any processing other than the tanning process. It is neither surface-treated nor dyed.

The very special thing about the tanning that our suppliers use is that it is vegetable. Many plants and berries can be used for tanning leather. Did you know, for example, that rhubarb, chestnut and rosemary can be used for the purpose?
The tanning of the leather we use is done by extraction from the quebracho tree, which contains the softening tannin tannin.
Vegetable tanning emits fewer chemicals into nature, and waste water from the process can thereby be fed back into the ecosystem.
Vegetable tanning stands in contrast to tanning with the heavy metal chromium, which, according to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, is used in more than 80% of the world's leather industry. The use of chromium is problematic in relation to the discharge of chemical substances into our environment, but can also cause allergic reactions in contact with the skin.
Tanning with chrome is cheap and fast. The vegetable tanning takes longer and is more costly, but as a company it is natural for us to choose the most sustainable solutions that we can.

Sustainability is more than the attention to the ecosystem of all of us. It is also sustainable to take responsibility for animals and people and other conditions in the links and processes of production. That is why our leather comes from Argentine cattle with access to large green areas.

At Formland, we are of course ready to answer all your questions about sustainability in our production.

See you!

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