The Scents of Inner Peace

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12 January 2023 | VIVAWANG International Co., Ltd.

Our curated collection of fine fragrances is driven by Zen ideals and strives to provide our customers with a moment of inner peace. With our collection of home fragrances, we are committed to enriching both spiritual and aesthetic lives.

Experience a multisensory Fragrance candle. We welcome you at Stand H6246.

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Fragrance of Memories

VIVAWANG® Fine Fragrance candles with superior quality. are not just an expression of taste but a memory that truly reflects daily life and culture. With our refined candles, wish jars, and candle warmers, we bring Nature-inspired fragrances and our minimalist and Zen-like wish jar designs, it is simple to practice meditation and find a sense of inner peace and harmony in your everyday life.

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