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20 December 2022 | LINEA G

When Linea and Anne Grundahl started LINEA G back in 2018, they set the goal that they want to work against an industry characterized by overproduction, cheap off the rack clothing and the use-and-throw-away culture.

It was important for them to contribute to a more enlightened and honest approach to the clothing industry.

Clothing consumption in Denmark is 35% higher than the rest of the world's population. One of the biggest culprits is the rapidly changing fashion, with up to 24 new collections annually. Clothes have become a product that we buy and get rid of after a short time.

If you choose high-quality clothing, which is also more expensive, you take much better care of it - it becomes an investment. On average, we only use our cheapest clothes 7-8 times.

If we use our clothes twice as much, the food print from clothing production will drop by as much as 44%.

Buying new clothes will never be sustainable, but if we all act a little more thoughtfully, our consumption will not be at the expense of our planet.

Choose clothes that are made to last, and you will contribute to more sustainable clothing consumption.

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The cousins ​​Linea Grundahl and Anne Grundahl are the two women behind the fashion brand LINEA G.
We are passionate about designing clothes that gives you a wardrobe without an expiry date with values ​​such as craftsmanship, good and timeless design.

We are happy to reveal that we have been selected for this year's Creators Community, where we look forward to presenting our AW23 collection.

We are looking for new retailers and business partners throughout Denmark and abroad, and look forward to visits from both interior, lifestyle and clothing stores.

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