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23 January 2024 | Kystnær

We have worked for a long time to create the perfect bar for exfoliating the skin with specially selected natural ingredients.

Here it is finally. We look forward to showing it off at Formland.

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Kystnær is located at the end of Haderslev Fjord.

We hand-make soaps, shampoo bars and conditioner bars - inspired by the coast.

Our vision is to share the joy of life near the sea. And all our products are in solid form, so we avoid unnecessary packaging.

With Kystnær, we have an ambition to change our personal care routines and bring nature into our bathroom.

Kystnær was created from a dream of a simple approach to washing and caring for ourselves and our families. At the same time, we want to save our nature, coasts and oceans from unnecessary chemicals and waste.

We use loc

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