Petite Vases

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20 December 2022 | Kodanska ApS c/o Marie Graff

Our latest petite vases are truly a symbol of unique production. The vases come in a multitude of expressions, sizes and colours. They are created as part of a larger no waste production, where 100% of the production is used.

Use the vases as decoration, for a flower or as an eye-catcher in the table setting. The vases are perfect for creating personal and eye-catching styling in the home.

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Kodanska ApS c/o Marie Graff

KODANSKA is a story of uncompromising craftsmanship, creativity and functionality created by designer, Marie Graff. It all started in Prague, where Marie lived for a number of years with her family. "Kodanska" was the name of the street they lived on and means "Copenhagen Street". This is where the idea arose for what is today one of Denmark's most innovative glass companies. Quality is an overriding keyword in Kodanska's production and permeates both craftsmanship, design and functionality. All products are handmade unique products that contain a multitude of combinations, colors and patterns

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