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19 January 2023 | BLOMUS

This season, blomus is stepping into a brand-new terrain: indoor furniture design. The German brand launches three new series of chairs, sofas and pouffes that will work as harmonious ensembles in the living room or lounge, or as significant stand-alone pieces in the bedroom, kitchen or hall. And as with any blomus item, these new pieces of furniture are the end result of a lengthy creative process and endless conversations about function, aesthetics and style, along with a relentless effort to get a shape, a material or a seemingly insignificant detail just right. Because it matters who and what you invite into your private world – after all, to most people, home is not just a space. It’s a feeling.

Although conceived several decades earlier, the modular sofa truly went mainstream in the 1970s. This period heralded the dawn of open-plan living, and for this, any low-slung, sexy seating offered flexibility and a sensational new aesthetic. On top of this, the modular system afforded endless ways to customise your furniture to suit your taste.

Still in vogue now, the modular sofa has all the same qualities as in the 1970s heydays, and with its loungy look and noticeably relaxed appearance, it fits perfectly with today’s home decor trends. With Tasi – designed by German design studio kaschkasch for blomus – you will get a contemporary version, with the freedom to create the exact combination of modules to suit your needs as well as your favourite space. With its low backrest and wide seat, Tasi is designed for cosy relaxation, and the eight different modules give you an infinite number of possible configurations to play with.

Tasi is available in an assortment of high-quality textiles by Danish company Kvadrat, as well as a special collection of upholsteries carefully curated by blomus for the new furniture range.

When Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, the duo behind German design studio kaschkasch, started out designing a new upholstered stand-alone sofa for blomus, their very first thought was to create an explicitly positive piece of furniture. Ideally, the sofa should be an open invitation to relax, and it should instantly remind you of long, lazy weekends or holidays with no particular purpose other than to de-stress. Now, the upshot of their creative endeavour has arrived: the Lua sofa.

A cosy and comfortable piece of modern furniture, Lua lays bare the designers’ fondness for the soft and chubby, yet it still retains the clean and stringent aesthetic that has become the hallmark of blomus. The well-balanced contrast between a defined and precise outer shell and the softly curved back cushion and visibly comfortable seat gives this sofa its very own identity – and with the choice of either an elegant two-seater or a slightly more family-friendly three-seater, it provides a calming space for anyone and everyone.

Lua is available in a range of high-quality textiles by Danish company Kvadrat, as well as a special collection of upholsteries carefully curated by blomus for the new furniture range.

The new Kuon furniture collection by Japanese designer Kazushige Miyake is disarmingly simple yet superbly refined at the same time. Consisting of a chair, a two-seat sofa and a matching three-legged stool, this compact collection is all you need for decorating a small living room or creating a harmonious setting in the hall, guest house or lounge.

The furniture pieces are deliberately round and soft with smooth edges, and the intention of the designer was to convey a sense of security and comfort through the use of high, supportive backrests that you can almost hide behind when seated. Typically for the aesthetic of Kazushige Miyake, nothing has been left to chance, and the elegant, fully upholstered back of the sofa and chair ensures that both items look stunning wherever they are placed.

Kuon is available in the fabric Socia, a multicoloured bouclé upholstery, in the colour Desert.

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