Lille Starut at Verksted on Formland 2023

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03 January 2023 | Verksted | Lille Starut

We are proud that our stand at Formland 2023 is decorated in collaboration with Lille Starut. Lille Starut is sustainable bedding for children and adults. Behind Lille Starut are Sofie and Cecilie, and was created based on a desire to nurture children and adults with curiosity, play and joy. Through colorful and festive prints, Lille Starut stands behind bedding and accessories for everyone, there are no girl and boy prints here, and is thus a wonderful alternative to the many neutral and classic prints for children.

Lille Starut is based on values that we as a company reflect. That is why we are very happy with the collaboration. Sofie and Cecilie wanted to create accessories for children that encourage play and imagination and at the same time combine practicality and aesthetics.
It is the artist Atelier Mave who is behind the beautiful line.

Lille Starut embraces everyday life - just like we do at Verksted.

"Everyday life with children is not always pastel-coloured. it is filled with liver pâté, laundry and loving chaos. therefore, we want to create products that make everyday life easier and add a twist of joy and humor to it. like a sprinkling of confetti over the everyday drumbeat”.

Look forward to seeing, feeling and feeling Lille Starut's beautiful products at Verksted's stand at Formland 2023.

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Verksted | Lille Starut

At Verksted, we create beautiful and sustainable interiors for your home.
Our interiors for children are created with timeless designs, that fits into most children's rooms.

As a family with children, we know the challenge it can be, to bring aesthetics and practice into a higher unity.
It is one of the challenges we are attempting to meet with our designs.

At Verksted, we value sustainable values ​​very highly.
We work actively to make our production as green as possible. We are constantly getting better. We want ours and our children and grandchildren to play and dance on a planet t

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