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10 December 2023 | Maya Soele®

It's not every day that a letter arrives from the Kingdom of Denmark.

But indeed, it did today.

Maya Soele® had applied for design patents for all 10 designs at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

This is done by submitting pictures of each figure, and as we want to ensure the best protection for our designs, 5 pictures of each figure were submitted from different angles.

The Patent and Trademark Office reviews all documents and examines the market for similar figures before granting the design patent.

We already knew that there were no similar figures on the market, which may surprise us. We need to celebrate our proud craftsmanship and craftsmen more than we currently do, and therefore, it's surprising that the selection is so small.

The patent was approved, and the official letter was sent by mail with stamps, logos, and descriptions.

In addition to the design patent itself, we have also chosen to pay for the Patent and Trademark Office to monitor the market for any imitation of the figures.

Besides the design patent, there is also trademark protection for both the name and logo.

So, there cannot be more legal protection, and there is order in the famous pen case.

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Maya Soele®

Maya Soele® is Danish design that celebrates professional trades and functions with unique and personal wooden figures for each craft.

The figures are crafted in timeless design, seamlessly fitting into home decor with their simple expression.

The series is made from FSC® 100% certified wood. The packaging the figure comes in is also FSC® 100% certified.

Poster cards (congratulatory cards) are available for each craft and also double as a picture with the beautiful one-line drawing illustration on the front. The personal handwritten greeting inside the card is thus preserved as a last

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