Ib Laursen Spring-Summer collektion 2023

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25 November 2022 | Ib Laursen

Welcome to the Spring Summer 2023 collection - here you can see, feel, and experience the wonderful new Spring/Summer collection! In the bright season that will soon be upon us, it is the familiar and the close that we pay tribute to. We need room for joy in our lives, space for creating new memories, and time for reflection. Time is the most important resource we have - and that is what the new collection reflects.

In this year's Spring/Summer collection we have moved out into the garden. Here we can spend the warm days in a comfortable hanging chair, while a refreshing lemonade is served in fine glasses. We can enjoy a cosy picnic on soft quilts and mattresses and a relaxing and informal gathering with close friends at a well-set table under the open sky.

When the garden is in full bloom, the many beautiful flowers have to be watered and cared for. There is something particularly calming about spending time in the garden while we put plants in decorative pots and harvest the garden's fruits and vegetables - it creates joy to be in close contact with nature and it gives us peace to reflect.

We can spend the long summer evenings in an inspiring outdoor space, where the day's experiences can sink in while we sink into the soft cushions. Here we can be fully present and enjoy the moment together with the family. With bright furniture and lamps, the room becomes extra atmospheric and creates the perfect setting for cosy moments.

The new Spring/Summer universe offers plenty of flowers - and happy, gentle colours combined with soothing pastels. Be inspired by the many novelties such as striped textiles, crocheted bags and purses in fine colours and handmade candle holders, which combined with the rest of the collection create the perfect cosy spring- and summer atmosphere.

Enjoy the collctin and see you again soon!

Peter Laursen

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