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17 November 2022 | Sandposter

I wonder if sand might be really beautiful, when you get really, really, really up close?

That thought led to the development of the Sandposter

Inspired by scientist and photographer Dr Gary Greenberg, the Sandposter motifs are sand photographed using a microscope. As a special tribute to summer memories from the beach and to the coastal nature we are lucky enough to have around us in Denmark.

Dr Gary Greenberg, among others, has focused the lens on beautiful and colourful grains of sand from Hawaii, magnified up between 100 and 250 times. And he has advised the Sandposter team on the choice of microscope for the project, which involved visualising sand from Danish beaches.

Then product development began.

With a handful of sand from a number of beaches in different parts of the country, the hunt for the perfect microscope began.

After selecting the microscope, the chapter began to work out the right setup with camera.

Here we send a special thanks to photographer Ole Mortensen, who advised and helped with the camera setup and image processing.

It takes time and patience to set up the camera and microscope correctly so that the beautiful shapes and colours of the sand stand out.

With Sandposter, the mission is to give you an experience where you get a new view of natures many nuances and details.

The posters give you the same experience as if you were looking into the microscope and got a completely new view of the sand.

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Sandposter celebrates the beauty of Danish beaches with special posters of grains of sand - photographed using a microscope.

This brings out the unique shapes and colours of the sand grains - and each beach is unique.

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