Entrepreneurship. What we don't talk about: Do you have the mindset for it?

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23 January 2024 | Green Heart of Copenhagen

Most innovative designers and entrepreneurs, specially selected for Formland's Creators Community, have undoubtedly been through a lot before the exhibition opens on February 4, 2024.

It's easy to forget when we all stand there freshly groomed, in freshly pressed clothes, and with everything on the exhibition stand neatly arranged.

Maybe it's a special type of people who choose to create and propel development in society? Either with microscopic nudges or on the grandest scale?

I don't know. Because when we look around and meet each other, we are indeed SO very different.

But what I do know is that it requires ambition, persistence, and - yes - a strong psyche.

We need each other. Entrepreneurship is something we create TOGETHER.

And we need that gentle push that Formland creates here to be able to showcase news and "the future."

From the heart, thank you!


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