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News 07.01 2022 Fine moons in more sizes

The fine little moons can be used for jewelry, and the larger moons will present fine cakes or other delicacies in a heavenly way.

News 07.01 2022 No two cups are alike

We turn and burn all our pottery in Funen where we live. All our cups are different in height and weight - wide & narrow - high & low - with & without handle ...... here is room for everyone! And no two cups are alike. So here you can find "your very own ... Read the entire post

News 07.01 2022 Hand shaped cups

When we have extra time, we also hand-shape the cups. Once they are burned, we decorate them by hand. We love stripes and checkers! ....... and trying out new patterns and colors. These cups are also all completely different. Some very small for the stron... Read the entire post

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