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Highlight 03.01 2022 Taste MayMays Munchies

Drop by our stall and have a taste of MayMays Munchies - a snack that takes you on a journey to India through your taste buds.

Highlight 05.01 2022 Meet the winner of Sol over Gudhjem 2021

Are you courius to taste the bedst prodct of 2021?The 2021 winner MayMays Mumbai MunchiesCome by our stall for a snack and a chat with us, and get to know MayMays Munchies and the team behind.

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Gastronomi MayMays Mumbai Munchies

Meet the winner of the product prize 2021 "Sol over Gudhjem"Each bag contains a variety of 3 flavors. Made on a base of Chickpeas and Rice and spiced in a way that takes you on a journey to the crowded, contradictory colorful Metropole that is Mumbai, Ind... Read the whole case

Gastronomi MayMays Kerala Munchies

Kerala Munchies are crunchy snacks mildly spiced with South Indian herbs. The bag contents 3 variations of flavors. All made on a base of Chickpeas, rice and spiced to let your taste buts travel to the lush and green state of Kerala, India.MayMays Munchie... Read the whole case

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