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News 22.07 2022 Golden & Elegant Christmas

Dream of a luxurious world where golden shades and deep, red colors merge and create an enchanting, elegant Christmas universe. In this theme you will find, among other things, beautiful iron products in antique gold and a wide range of burgundy ornaments... Read the entire post

News 22.07 2022 Bold and Beautiful Fuchsia

Named after the exotic plant, in this theme we offer the dynamic and inspiring fuchsia color combined with soft and inviting mint shades. Fuchsia has been trendy in interior design in recent years, and the interplay between the reddish-purple color, mint ... Read the entire post

News 22.07 2022 A Touch of Rose

With our fourth theme, you can add a light and feminine touch to the Christmas "hygge". Elegant candle holders in antique gold, dancing angels and ornaments in the finest shades of rose enchant the eye and create a calm and soft atmosphere.

News 22.07 2022 Nostalgic Christmas

When the calendar says December 1st, for many it is the old-fashioned, classic Christmas decorations that are dearest to their hearts and that make you want to find all the nostalgic memories from the corners of your home. At La Vida, we also cannot get e... Read the entire post

News 22.07 2022 Delicate Blush & Cream

If you want to create a calming, but at the same time elegant Christmas atmosphere, you can take a closer look at the next pages. Blush and Cream are the main characters in this modern Christmas fairytale, which offers beautiful novelties in the form of v... Read the entire post

News 22.07 2022 Dreaming of a Green Christmas

You do not have to settle for dreaming of a white Christmas in the company of La Vida. Green is a lovely fresh color and we embrace it with great joy in this theme from our Autumn/Christmas 2022 collection. Delicate, green shades are found among the beaut... Read the entire post

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