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News 01.06 2022 NEW! ANIA ceramics by KunstIndustrien

ANIA ceramics by KunstIndustrien, is designed by Danish graphic designer Anja Skov and consists of an exclusive and high-quality ceramics collection of vases, candle holders and jars. Anja finds her inspiration from the beauty in the natural surroundings,... Read the entire post

News 01.06 2022 NEW! Coloured-through December candles!

We are excited to present to you our new line of coloured-through December (count-down) candles. Available in 8 exclusive colours - all with gold colour numbers.

Kunstindustrien ApS Cases

Social responsibility Unique sized wax altar candles

We provide a unique spectre of our signature handcrafted, high quality, wax altar candles that are available in diametres from 4 cm to 15 cm and in heights 10 cm to 100 cm. Our own design candle sticks; The Circle and The Square are available in diametres... Read the whole case

Furniture ANIA ceramics by KunstIndustrien

ANIA ceramics by KunstIndustrien is our new collection of vases, candlesticks and lid jars. The collection is designed by graphic designer Anja Skov who finds her inspiration in the Nordic design heritage, simplicity and strong graphic lines and shapes an... Read the whole case

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