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News 07.06 2022 Smile on!

Three small pieces of furniture with big personalities. For specific reasons, the three new colourful stools have their ‘Smile’ name. Not only do the contrasting colour combinations evoke a smile but the overall design language and bent metal legs with ti... Read the entire post

News 07.06 2022 Devil is in the Details

A wall-mounted combined shelf and rack! What is not to like? We know that you'll love this piece. The Shack Shelf is perfect for keeping all your favourite cookbooks on display and your tea towels too. This enables you to create your very own wall masterp... Read the entire post

News 07.06 2022 Take the Stage

Graphic lines are a visible theme throughout the collection. These lines add drama and a sense of exciting unexpectedness to the room. The Stage Ceiling lights effortlessly float and take centre stage in the room like a bright star waiting to take the spo... Read the entire post

News 07.06 2022 Colour Confidence

Storage trolleys for the office create an inviting and inspiring office space. First and foremost, the items you keep in your office have to be functional to make your everyday workday easy. We’ve ensured lots of room for different materials with these ne... Read the entire post

News 07.06 2022 Embracing Throws

When autumn is around the corner, the desire to snuggle up for a movie night is so irresistible, right? The wonderfully snazzy Inlet throw makes it even harder to resist cuddling up. The Inlet throw has a lovely textured feel, fabulous fringing and is mad... Read the entire post

News 07.06 2022 It's crystal Clear

We have all tried to fit a beautiful vase onto our windowsill with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers: most of us without any luck. This is where the Umber vase comes to the rescue!. Designed with the specific purpose to accessorise your windowsill, the ... Read the entire post

Hübsch A/S Cases

Furniture Introducing the Oblique Chair Family at Formland

We proudly introduce the brand-new Oblique chair family.The Oblique chair family takes its blueprint from Danish design tradition. The combination of creativeness and unparalleled craftsmanship underpins the Hübsch brand DNA while embodying Scandinavian d... Read the whole case

Bolig & Brugskunst Soft pieces of Art

Last season we launched a series of colourful and wonderfully patterned throw quilts. This season a new series of quilt throws with enticing colours and a new bedspread size marvels with original detailing and craftsmanship. Gorgeous colour combinations a... Read the whole case

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