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News 15.12 2021 Soften your Space

A headboard, soft cushions, and a lovely bedspread are the perfect formula for softening your bedroom space. These reversible headboard cushions are made from OEKO-TEX®-certified polyester and come in soft muted colours. The muted colours interact with th... Read the entire post

News 16.12 2021 The Feeling of Home and Away

Coming home after being away should feel like being greeted and embraced by familiarity and a sense of being safe. A feeling that says aaah – I’m home.The Peri bench has a spare, minimalist profile with its powder-coated brown metal frame. However, the pu... Read the entire post

News 16.12 2021 Think Tactile

Small sculptural pieces of furniture that draw you in make such an impact on your décor. And we can’t get enough of our new Beam Tables. They give off a cosy and approachable feeling: A sense of intrigue. They also serve a functional purpose. As the perfe... Read the entire post

News 20.12 2021 Let in the Light

Get ready to shine with our Aki Table Lamp. Simple yet elegant this table lamp will brighten up anywhere you place it. The Aki table lamp will spark lots of joy, whether in front of the house for instant impact or in your living room for a laid-back vibe.... Read the entire post

News 15.12 2021 Contrasting Lights

Our new candlesticks are designed to mix and match and will brighten up any space, window sill, or shelf. The fresh colour combination and mix of materials generate intrigue and will suit any home that says modern and contemporary. Obviously, you need to ... Read the entire post

News 16.12 2021 Bring the indoors outdoors

This year we launch a brand-new garden furniture set. The String garden furniture set reigns supreme when it comes to elegant, durable outdoor furniture and consists of a two-seater bench, a lounge chair with a footrest, and a side table. The bench seats ... Read the entire post

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Tekstiler Responsible Materials

A Hübsch product is designed to make you feel good: on many levels, especially when it comes to your safety and wellbeing. Our goal is only to use sustainable and safe textiles from a human-ecological perspective. By 2022 we aim to only have STANDARD 100 ... Read the whole case

Furniture Responsible Choices

It is no secret that we have a soft spot for wood. It is detailed, beautiful and durable.  All of our new and reproduced wooden designs are FSC®-certified, ensuring that we contribute to a more sustainable future. Besides our certification, we focus on lo... Read the whole case

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