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Highlight 09.08 2022 Shark Ninja

Shark|Ninja is a fearless innovator within the home industry with appliances and everything within the kitchen category that will make your life easier every day.Shark|Ninja has an impressive consumer focus and precisely this has made it possible for Shar... Read the entire post

Highlight 09.08 2022 Hâws

Hâws is a Danish brand that provides products for the kitchen, the garden and for personal care.The Hâws name was first used in 2014 and 5 years later in 2019 the Hâws brand was registered with the vision of developing a new wide range of equipment for th... Read the entire post

Highlight 09.08 2022 Laguiole by hâws

Laguiole By Hâws is a subcategory of the Hâws brand. The brand sells Laguiole products. Laguiole is neither a trademark nor a company name. Laguiole is a name that is associated with the special shape that the traditional knives have. It dates back to the... Read the entire post

Highlight 09.08 2022 Combekk

COMBEKK was founded in Holland in 2015. As first brand in the world, we made a recycled Dutch Oven of recycled cast iron, produced local in Holland. The name “Dutch Oven” refers to a manufacturing technique in which molten iron is poured into a sand mold.... Read the entire post

Highlight 09.08 2022 Witloft

Dutch leather apron giantFor the past 10 years, WITLOFT has been a world-renowned brand in all kinds of cooking shops and department stores.The leather apron is known for its iconic design, which quickly proved to be a favorite with renowned international... Read the entire post

Highlight 09.08 2022 Greenpan

Healthy food is not just about the foods you use. It is also about having the right kitchen equipment available.As the inventor of the ceramic non-stick coating on pans and pots, GreenPan, the concept that gives you award-winning cookware in a special cla... Read the entire post

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