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News 15.07 2022 AYA&IDA news - Bottle Handles

Meet AYA&IDA Bottle Handle. The handle fits all our drinking bottles, and makes it even easier to carry your drinking bottle when on the go.The Bottle Handle will be available in: Cream Beige, Tropical Green, Mint Green, Dark Grey, Matte Black and Soft Ro... Read the entire post

News 15.07 2022 AYA&IDA news - Lunch Box

Bring healthy meals on the go in a stylish way with AYA&IDA Lunch Box. It's leak-proof and has a movable partition that allows you to arrange the lunch box for exactly what you want to bring. The materials - like in all our other products - are carefully ... Read the entire post

News 15.07 2022 AYA&IDA news - Cotton Bags

A reusable alternative to the disposable plastic bag. The bag is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and are washable. The sizes are perfect for all AYA&IDA products, making it easy to pack all your things together on the go.H: 32CM W:25CM / H:25CM W:20... Read the entire post

News 15.07 2022 Three new AYA&IDA Drinking Bottle colors

We're launching three new colors to our collection of 500ml drinking bottles. Come by our spot no. 5308 in Hall F to see them. 

News 15.07 2022 AYA&IDA news - Snack Container

Perfect for your favorite snacks such as fruits and nuts. Opens and closes easily and keeps tight at the same time. They are the perfect accessory for AYA&IDA Lunch Box. Can either fit inside the lunch box or be used as a separate accessory.Set of two pie... Read the entire post

Offer 15.07 2022 Visit us for a AYA&IDA gift

Meet us at stand no. 5308 in Hall F and get an AYA&IDA gift. 😊


Social responsibility AYA&IDA Drinking Bottles

The AYA&IDA drinking bottle keeps your beverages perfectly hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. They are perfect on the go whether you have tea, coffee, lemonade or ice-cold water in your bottle, as the material does not give off any flavour to your bev... Read the whole case

Social responsibility AYA&IDA Kids Straw Bottle

The AYA&IDA Kids Straw Bottle is designed for our youngest customers. It's a reusable drinking bottle made for our kids safe hydration. This bottle has children-friendly features, that makes it easy for our kids to manage their thirst on their own.Kids St... Read the whole case

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