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  • TheClayPlay ApS is a playful design space with a primary focus on ceramic products.


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Sønderborg, Danmark

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You may have seen TheClayPlay on TV in Løvens hule equal to Dragons dent / shark tank where they get an investment from Anne Stampe from Nordic female founders.

TheClayPlay is a ceramics workshop that produces and designs ceramics with a playful approach to design.

Ceramic artist and artist Annemette Klit is behind the brand. Annemette's daughter Nana Fatou grew up with art and ceramics is also informally involved.

With our ceramics, we try to spread a message about a world with spaciousness, diversity and room for the odd and imperfect.

In a streamlined everyday life, we need things that challenge us and give us an experience of childlike joy. We believe that we will be excited, surprised and need to explore new shapes and colors.

Here, our ceramics are a daily joy when you drink from a crooked hand-painted mug with a huge handle or put one of our beautiful crooked hand-glazed flags on the party table.
We hope you will play with us and that our ceramics will bring joy to many beautiful homes.

Br Nana and Annemette

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Annemette Klit-Nygaard


Annemette Klit-Nygaard

Helle Falkenberg


Helle Falkenberg

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