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Outdoor&Friends is a newer Danish company that produces firepits and accessories for outdoor spaces, outdoor living and outdoor cooking.

Our mission is to get people more outdoors and get them to use their outdoor space more and enforce people to cook more outside. Therefore, we will continuously develop accessories and new products that can promote the joy and belonging of outdoor life for people.

Our core product is our unique firepit: " the FireFriend". Based on our FireFriend, we are a company that looks into three core areas: outdoor cooking, simplicity and sustainability.

Our FireFriend mainly functions as a wood-fired firepit, on which food can be cooked directly on the integrated grill surfaces.

The cooking surfaces are made in 8 mm. thick carbon steel, which is approved as a food contact material. The thick carbon steel provides a particularly good cooking surface, as the carbon steel is a good and stable conductor of heat.

The cooking surfaces make it possible to cook far more different dishes than on a traditional grill, as you can cook directly on the frying surfaces and the frying plate, while still having the option of having the traditional grill grate.

In addition, it is also possible to boil water on in pots on the FireFriend. This provides endless cooking possibilities, which also challenge in an exciting and new way in the outdoor space.

The body of the FireFriend is made of the popular corten steel, which, in addition to being a distinctly durable steel type, due to its special corrosion resistance, also acquires a unique and modern patina expression over time.

The FireFriend is wood-fired. Firewood has many advantages. It is simple, easy, gives good taste, good smell and, not least, very cozy by the fire, especially when darkness falls.

With the option of removing the loose cooking elements, our FireFriend can also just be used as a cozy bonfire, and can therefore be used all day, evening and night. Three vents are cut into each side, which are FireFriend's hallmark and trademark. These vents cast a nice light from the fire in the dark. This gives a cozy and beautiful expression, especially when darkness falls.

The FireFriend comes with a lid that protects the cooking surfaces. This means that the FireFriend can be left outside all year round in all kinds of weather. It does not has to be moved in or protected in any other way.

The FireFriend's fire chamber makes it easy to make a bonfire in an easy and controlled way. In addition, you also get a fire that rises to the height, so cooking is made easier.

We have developed all our products ourselves and produces the prototypes . After our products have been tested, we have an agreement with a large Danish metal processing company, which produces for us.

All our production takes place in Denmark, which means that we protect the environment for transport on a global level, we support Danish business, ensure good working conditions and lastly that production is easily accessible and highly adaptable.

In addition, we also offer to produce spare parts for our products, which we see as an advantage of being able to sell spare parts and thereby save resources for the environment.

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Sara Kiilerich

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